from A to Agile


Individuals, teams and organisations need to continuously learn and improve.

To become more flexible and more Agile. And to change; not only the way they  work, but also the way they think. The culture and the mindset.

It takes time and flexibility to change. And some improvisation. Because every organisation has its own, windy, path,  to adopt changes. Just like every individual.

I can help you to adopt that change. To overcome resistance and make the change stick.

I use Lean, Agile and Scrum practices to change the way of working.  I apply facilitation techniques to improve communication and overcome resistance to change.

I also use improv theater techniques in my trainings and workshops to help people and teams improve.

How can I help you to improv-ise?

These are my improve-isation tools. Contact me about the one(s) you need.

- Coaching

- Workshops

- Training

- Facilitation

- Assessments